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McGraw Equipment, Inc

Contact us directly
for any technical needs

Contact us directly
for any technical needs

Offering Quality Pumps, Packages and Maintenance Services!

McGraw Equipment, Inc. is dedicated to providing you a wide range of fluid flow solutions and services. From pump packages and project consultations to troubleshooting, the expert team at McGraw’s is there every step of the way.

McGraw Equipment, Inc. specializes in Engineering and Fabrication as well as repair and maintenance.

Some Of Our Service Offerings Include The Following

  • Project Consultation
  • 3D Documentation Drawings
  • System Troubleshooting
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • In House Repair
  • On-Site Repair
  • Custom Sizing
  • Custom Pump Mounting
  • Complete Pump System Engineering

We, at McGraw’s, have years of experience in handling end-to-end pump applications with ease. Starting with the initial identification of your requirements, we proceed to designing a complete system that’s reliable, cost-effective and meets your project goals.

When it comes to equipment repairs, our team can handle a multitude of different types and brands of pumps, from centrifugal and air operated diaphragm to chemical metering and positive displacement. We also offer Hydrostatic and Performance Testing services.

We cater to the client base in Katy, Texas and throughout the Western US.

Please contact us to discuss your application and equipment needs. We are confident that we can exceed your requirements for quality pumps, packages, and controls!

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