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McGraw Equipment, Inc

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for any technical needs

Contact us directly
for any technical needs

Manufacturers - McGraw Equipment

McGraw Equipment offers design engineering and fabrication ability for your pump packaging needs in Texas. Engineering includes General Arrangement drawings with 3D representation, Vendor Data List, IOM manuals, and full documentation support. We have the ability to fabricate from small to large packages, with accessories and supporting material for turn-key operations.

We can also evaluate and repair all pump types and provide detailed breakdowns of failure methods along with the recommendations to increase pump reliability.

Sandpiper line of sealless air operated diaphragm pumps incorporates ball or flap check design with a patented no lube, no stall, externally serviceable air valve assembly. Warren Rupp manufactures ½” - 3” size bolted metal or non-metallic pumps, with “Rupp Guard” spill containment option for leak free pumping.

We stock most Sandpiper pumps, including filter/regulators, lubricators and air dryers.

SERO is a leading manufacturer of Side Channel Regenerative Turbine Pumps. Multiple sizes and stages make for a large range of coverage, especially low flow, low NPSH, high head applications. Dual mechanical sealing and mag drive sealless configurations are available offering flexibility to satisfy customer requirements.

We specialize in SERO pump packaging including GA drawings, manufacture and packaging of base plate mounted skids built to specifications.

CPC Pumps International

Full line of API 610 heavy duty process pumps including OH2 Horizontal and OH4 Vertical Inline pumps. CPC has the widest hydraulic coverage in the industry, and provides exceptional quality in both manufacturing and design to ensure pump performance exceeds expectations. CPC offers turn-key solutions with all instrumentation, accessories and flush plans to meet customer needs.

Pinnacle-Flo ANSI Pumps

Complete line of replica ANSI B73.1 process centrifugal parts. Based off the Goulds 3196 line, all parts are interchangeable with OEM. Pinnacle-Flo pumps share the same hydraulic performance and coverage as Goulds, but at a very competitive price point with quick deliveries. Pumps can be supplied stand-alone or skid mounted, tailored to your needs.

Dean Brothers API and Medium Duty Centrifugal Pumps

Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps that meet your heavy duty and high temperature needs. Available in API 610 compliant design, or a medium duty to offer a wide selection to cover any need. Supplied skid mounted with high quality mechanical seals and flush plans to ensure reliable, low maintenance operation.

Eagle Burgmann

High quality sealing solutions for your pumping needs. All configurations of seal are available, from basic component seals, to standard duty single and double cartridge seals, all the way to heavy duty API 610 compliant seals. Heavy duty seal flush reservoirs available with full instrumentation and all fittings, pressure tested to ensure leak free operation. Full factory support and failure analysis to help identify areas of improvement for reliability.

  • Mechanical Seals – Single and Dual Cartridge, Component, Custom Application, Made in the USA!
  • Seal Support Reservoir – Lite duty Plan 52/53 Flush Reservoirs
  • Packing – Braided packing for pumps, valves, general service and high performance
  • Gaskets – Compressed, graphite, rubber, and specialty sheet gasket services

Ultrachem Tefzel lined Ansi B73.1 magnetic drive pumps, nonmetallic general service magnetic drive pumps, drum pumps and alloy steel general service centrifugal pumps.


Neptune Pump Co.

  • Complete line of hydraulic and mechanical actuated controlled volume metering pumps, available in a wide range of sizes and materials with manual or automatic stroke adjustment features.
  • Neptune Accessories: Pulsation dampeners, back pressure valves, injection quill and corporation stops.

Neptune Pump Co.

  • Mechanically actuated diaphragm pumps for chemical transport, metering, and dosing,
  • Simplex, Duplex, Triplex and custom pump configurations
  • Huge range of chemical resistance to meet the toughest applications
  • Pump accessories: Back pressure valves, Pulsation Dampeners, Relief Valves, and more!

MECO - Surplus ANSI Pumps and Parts

Stock of new and used Durco and Goulds pump parts including; pump casings, rear stuffing box covers, power frames, shafts, shaft sleeves and all consumable items.

Sandpiper Resources

Follow any of the links below for other helpful Sandpiper information.

Please contact us to discuss your application and equipment needs. We are confident that we can exceed your requirements for quality pumps, packages, and controls!

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